On-Demand Webinars

UX Webinar: Always Be Testing 

How to conduct user experience testing and why it can help you meet and exceed your program goals. We demonstrate real-life examples of how even small tests can have a huge impact on your website and email campaigns.

Participant Support Webinar

You rely on volunteers and donations to support your cause so, in return, it’s up to you to provide those participants and donors with a great customer service experience. Learn why great customer service is the key to making a lasting connection with your participants.

End of Year Fundraising Trends Webinar

There is still time to start your End Of Year Giving plans, but you need to start soon. In this webinar, learn the top trends and strategies of a successful fundraising campaign.

The Changing Mobile Fundraising World

Learn more about how making TeamRaiser responsive can help your peer-to-peer participants fundraise more to help your mission!

Mobile and Social Fundraising Insights

Join Donna Wilkins, CEO & Founder of Charity Dynamics to learn more about your peer-to-peer participants’ mobile device fundraising patterns, which social tools amplify fundraising the most and how to use mobile behaviors to boost fundraising.

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