IFE Checklist

This list gives a broad overview of the elements that must be remembered when starting up your independent fundraising program or revamping your existing one. Feel free to print it out and make sure your organization is able to check every box!


Mobile Strategy Assessment

Our Mobile Strategy Assessment will help you strengthen the online experience of your mobile visitors and uncover opportunities to acquire new supporters, mature existing relationships, and increase conversions for key activities.


10 Social Media Ideas for End of Year Campaigns

Check out these 10 social media tactics for your end of year campaigns.


The Path to Success: Optimizing User Flow to Avoid Event Registration Roadblocks

This whitepaper studies one critical digital pathway – the registration process for peer to peer fundraising.


The Path toward Optimization is Paved with Best TESTS!

The nonprofit digital marketing world has just barely scratched the surface of website testing. Does this mean nonprofits are less strategic or too small to play the game?


Boundless Fundraising Checklist 2013

Get started by incorporating these simple promotion ideas into your plans and watch your revenue rise!