How to Acquire and Convert New Supporters

This tip sheet will help you understand how to effectively develop your supporter acquisition and conversion strategy.

Blackbaud Report

Donna Wilkins Makes Blackbaud’s npExperts eBook

Check out Charity Dynamics exciting tips on peer-to-peer fundraising in Blackbaud’s npEXPERTS: Online Marketing Insights for Non Profits.

Primary Education Report

Your ultimate guide for learning the best practices of online fundraising as used by the political pros. Learn the do’s and don’ts of fundraising online along with key insights that will help your organization reach it’s goal.

2015 DIY Registration Benchmark

Independent Fundraising Events (IFE) or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) event programs allow the participant to register, create their own event and fundraise through that event.

2015 Endurance Registration Benchmark

For a participant, the event experience begins with the organization’s website—long before the actual event takes place.

Future of P2P Report

New research shows the popularity of P2P with nonprofit organizations is consistently a solid fundraising method.

2015 Walk Event Registration Benchmark

Optimizing user flow to avoid registration barriers in your walk event.

The Next 10 Years in Digital Fundraising

Nonprofit research looking to the future of fundraising on digital channels.

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