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fundraising-roundtable-templates-v1We’re heading into late spring, which means it’s time to for The Fundraising Roundtable events! We’re kicking off our 4th year of these regional events and we’re heading to Toronto, Washington D.C., and New York City this year. The inspiration for the events came after years of great content and networking at the Run Walk Ride Conference (now P2P Professional Forum) and the desire to make it more than a once a year event that required investment in travel for most organizations.

I always leave the Fundraising Roundtables inspired by stories of how organizations are innovating and raising the bar for peer-to-peer fundraising events. Last year gave us memorable moments from National Wildlife Federation. They shared how they evolved their event strategy for experiential events and were able to drive mission to where fundraising was most successful. Another memorable moment was when Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center shared how Cycle For Survival started as an independent fundraising event (IFE), and has grown into a signature fundraising program that has raised over $20million and is in 13 cities this year. In addition to the top notch speakers, these events are a great opportunity to network and learn from people who are at all different stages of their event fundraising career. I love the energy and enthusiasm that these dedicated professionals bring to the workshop. I always leave with great new ideas and inspirations.

I’ve been working with this year’s speakers to prepare and I can already tell we’re going to have some really great learning opportunities this year. Fisher House’s Cathy Cabrey, will be presenting at the DC event. I’m really excited to hear the story of how Fisher House has grown their peer-to-peer fundraising event program to raise funds for the great work they do supporting military families. What’s even more inspiring is that Cathy was sitting in the audience at last year’s event!

Greatly looking forward to each of the events!
Toronto – May 29th
New York City – June 3rd
Washington D.C. – June 5th

If you are in any of those areas, do not miss out on this great learning opportunity. For more information, check out the Fundraising Roundtable website.