Boundless Fundraising™

Enable Your Event Participants to Become Power Fundraisers with the Leading Event Fundraising Mobile App Used by the Most Successful Nonprofits

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Boundless Fundraising™ is an application suite that lets participants at all levels of fundraising expertise easily raise more money by connecting their social, mobile and email channels to reach more donors, wherever they are.

This suite of tools, which is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, has a proven track record with hundreds of fundraising programs. It has helped
organizations raise over $650 million to date, with powerful features that:


20 of the top 30 peer-to-peer event programs use Boundless Fundraising™ 

Results from our annual Boundless Fundraising™ Benchmark Report:

User Defined Activity Goals

Apple Health/Google Fit Integration

Strava for Endurance Events

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Challenges

Individual, Team or Event Goals

Create a Sense of Achievement

Entry, Mid-Level & Pro Challenges

Fundraising Center Auto-Sync

Schedule Social Media Posts

Track steps or distance, depending on the event type. Set up Boundless Motion to monitor individual goals, team goals, event goals or event program goals. No matter your choice, Boundless Motion rallies everyone towards the same goal of being active, staying engaged and being part of a larger community. Leverage corporate sponsorships by tying them to event level goals or the aggregate activity across all participants. There are many ways to monetize and gamify activity tracking, making it fun and engaging and providing organizations much needed ROI in these uncertain times.

Thank Donors

Create a sense of competition with leaderboards for individuals, teams or events viewable within the mobile app and on the website. Participants enjoy a sense of competition to fuel their motivation and go after bragging rights.

Participant Challenges

Get participants moving with optional physical challenges, turning the experience on the app into a better ask. Sharing personal challenges on social media increases accountability and motivates potential donors across participants’ networks to support their efforts – both physically and financially. Gamification with such goals and milestones makes participating fun and engaging.

Fitness Sync

Seamlessly connect Boundless Motion with common fitness tracking applications including Apple Health, Google Fit and Strava. Track steps or distance depending on your event type. Meet the typical walk/5k participant on their mobile device with the integration to Apple Health or Google Fit. Participants can even sync their activity from wearables such as Garmin devices into these apps, making the data viewable and engageable in Boundless Motion.

Cater to endurance athletes, cyclists and other challenge-minded participants with Strava, where they can track their routes and activity. Their Strava account can be easily connected to Boundless Motion, pulling in not only their physical activity information but tracking their routes as well. Take fitness tracking to the next level by empowering your participant to stay in motion and to convert that activity into impactful fundraising moments.

Website API integration

Boundless Motion has API’s enabled that can be used to integrate onto your event website to mirror your mobile app experience including leaderboards, activity stats and more
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