Boundless FundraisingTM Facebook Messenger

Leverage AI Technology to Engage and Coach Your Facebook Fundraisers

Your Facebook Fundraisers are your organization’s biggest champions and advocates, but how can you communicate and engage with them?

Introducing Boundless Fundraising Facebook Messenger – a platform that gives you the ability to leverage the Facebook Messenger Bot and AI technology to effectively engage and communicate with Facebook Fundraisers and have smart discussions based on who they are, the event they’re fundraising for, and their amount raised.

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Deliver a customized fundraising message to your anonymous supporters on their Facebook Fundraising campaign pages.


Define pathways to optimize communication to fundraisers, acquire email addresses, and leverage human interaction as needed.


Use AI technology to evolve messaging based on each interaction. Utilize collective dataset to improve Facebook bot performance over time.


Keep track of important fundraising metrics, including: # of Facebook fundraisers, direct vs Integrated, dollars raised, and emails collected.

What is Facebook Messenger?

  • Facebook Messenger is a FREE mobile messaging app used for instant messaging, sharing photos, videos, audio recordings, and group chats.
  • Communication is open to your friends on Facebook and with your phone contacts.
  • 1.3 Billion users on Facebook Messenger* (Tech Crunch)

What is a Direct Facebook Fundraiser?

  • These are your supporters that created a fundraiser directly via Facebook.
  • As a result, your organization doesn’t have anything but their name, and no way to communicate with them.
  • However, Boundless Fundraising Facebook Messenger provides you a way to acquire their email addresses, offer tips, and coach your supporters to make them better fundraisers!

What is an Integrated Facebook Fundraiser?

  • These are your supporters that created a Facebook Fundraiser through another tool, such as Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser.
  • Your challenge is to keep these supporters engaged and on the path to becoming better fundraisers.
  • And because we know who they are, let’s use details we know about them to streamline messages to these fundraisers.

What Makes Our Integration Different?

  • Because Boundless Fundraising is a data hub, we know more about your Facebook Fundraisers:
    • Participant name
    • Event name
    • Amount Raised to goal
    • Fundraising tools in use
  • This results in the ability to communicate with fundraisers more intelligently in order to better guide the conversation toward the desired action!

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