Integrated Facebook FundraiserTM

Leverage Boundless FundraisingTM to Realize the Full Potential of Facebook!

Learn how Boundless Fundraising’s direct integration to Facebook Fundraiser allows participants to receive immediate credit for Facebook donations, and allows your organization to guide and coach participants to raise more while sustaining Facebook’s generous practice of eliminating fundraising fees!

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Getting Started is Easy – Just Turn It On!

Provide your supporters with the ability to easily create and manage Facebook Fundraisers from within the confines of your Participant Center or your Boundless FundraisingTM mobile app.

  • Bi-directional Bliss: Boundless FundraisingTM integrated with Facebook FundraiserTM will 1) immediately update the participant’s fundraising campaign in your peer-to-peer platform with the donations made on Facebook, and 2) Facebook FundraiserTM will immediately reflect donations made directly in your peer-to-peer platform.
  • Once enabled, your participants will see a direct link to their Facebook FundraiserTM in your fundraising center and/or your Boundless Fundraising mobile app.
  • Leveraging best practices, coach participants to be successful with their Facebook Fundraisers. 
  • Create segments in your CRM for those participants who have created Facebook Fundraisers and tailor messaging and communication to engage, support, and coach these participants. 

What are the Basics of the Integrated Facebook Fundraiser Solution?

“One of the things that I’m really excited about with Boundless Fundraising Social, is our newest integration with Facebook. We’re going to be integrating directly with the Facebook Fundraiser campaign and making it a feature that we can easily enable on a per client basis within the [Boundless Fundraising] Social platform. 

What that means is that we can turn that on and enable Facebook Fundraiser without making any changes to your website – no upgrading your fundraising center, no upgrading your dashboard, etc. One of the exciting benefits of being able to have the Facebook Fundraiser solution directly integrated with Boundless Fundraising Social is that you’re able to get all of the online donations that are made directly through that Facebook campaign, directly into your event website, and your participant gets immediate credit. 

However, you also get the benefit of guiding and coaching participants to raise more while sustaining Facebook’s generous practice of eliminating fundraising fees – which is going to be a win-win for all organizations!

Kathy Kempff
Sr. Vice President of Product
Charity Dynamics