Boundless FundraisingTM Mobile Check Deposit

Streamline the Offline Donation Process for Your P2P Event Program

Back to Basics: What is Mobile Check Deposit?

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Optimizing the participant experience in your P2P program is important to be able to more effectively compete amongst all the peer-to-peer event programs. You need to make it easy for your participants to fundraise on behalf of your organization and reduce any friction in the process.

One way of doing this is making it easy for participants to handle donor checks. Asking a donor to mail a check, or to remember to bring checks with them to event day, is cumbersome. Why not leverage technology that’s already in your participant’s hands with their mobile banking apps and leverage mobile check deposit for your P2P program? It’s all about convenience for the participant and removing additional steps they need to take.

Oh and by the way, that also means, as an organization, you get the funds deposited sooner and there is less likelihood of the check being lost or forgotten. Win, Win for All!

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Case Study: Alzheimer’s Association®

Learn how Alzheimer’s Association® leverages Boundless Fundraising Mobile Check Deposit to reshape offline gift processing for Walk to End Alzheimer’s® and The Longest Day® — to the tune of big results!

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What are the Basics of Boundless Fundraising’s Mobile Check Deposit?

“Mobile Check Deposit is one of our newest solutions that we have rolled out, and one of the great things about the solution is using innovation and technology to streamline the check processing piece that is so critical to many peer-to-peer event programs, which typically represents such a large percentage of the fundraising.

When we really looked at what some of the challenges that organizations are facing today, we realized that the process for receiving and recognizing revenue from checks was very inefficient, very broken, and involved a lot of risk, in terms of checks being lost or bounced. Plus, the amount of time for checks to be processed and for participants to get credit for those gifts was troublesome.

So with the use of technology, what we’re able to do is really streamline that process and enable participants to directly deposit those checks and have that money hit an organization’s bank account within 24-48 hours. It represents the opportunity to provide event participants with instant gratification, organizations with the ability to receive money sooner, and also from a donor stewardship perspective, you’re able to acknowledge their transaction and quickly get them in the fold so you can quickly show your appreciation for their contribution!”

Kathy Kempff
Charity Dynamics