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“Lace Up” with Activity Tracking!

How National Kidney Foundation Is Using Activity Tracking to Rebrand Its National Walk

With virtual fundraising events here for the foreseeable future, organizations are taking a more strategic approach to creating virtual events that can enhance their peer-to-peer fundraising programs in the long term. One tool proving especially effective in driving participant and donor engagement is activity tracking—and National Kidney Foundation is putting it to the test by putting a virtual spin on its Kidney Walk campaign.

Listen in as National Kidney Foundation’s Deanna van Lear and Charity Dynamics’ Kathy Kempff discuss NKF’s rebranding efforts around its Kidney Walk “Lace Up” campaign. This includes a series of participant challenges centered around fitness tracking designed to encourage all forms of engagement — physical, fundraising, recruitment, etc. — in a virtual environment.


Deanna van Lear Kathy Kempff
National Director, Kidney Walk CEO
National Kidney Foundation Charity Dynamics