Catherine Bacon

Sr. Project Manager

Catherine Bacon


Catherine has lived in the Midwest, East and West Coasts before landing in Austin in 2003. When not working, Catherine is spending time with her husband, child and various pets. She enjoys making things: from sewing costumes, to building a loft play area. She is devourer of narrative: be it written, audio, or visual, and is constantly looking for a new story in which to immerse herself.

@ Work

Catherine brings previous experience in technology editorial, non-profit management, and higher education to her work as a Project Manager.  She completed her PhD in English Literature from University of Texas Austin in 2011. While her extensive knowledge of 20th century English and Irish novels may be less relevant, her grounding in strong communication and planning from 10 years of teaching experience shines through.  Since 2014 she has led projects ranging from  deployments, web site re-designs,  and communication programs for non-profit clients.