Colleen Legge

Principal Consultant


Colleen has a lot of “home towns” being the daughter of a Marine, but claims Indianapolis, Indiana as home. She moved to Austin for a new position with LLS and Team In Training in 2007. The plan was to only stay two years….eight years later. She is interested in traveling to new places with family, music and theatre. Colleen loves being a mom, kale, flip flops, Dr. Seuss, singing too loudly, gallivanting, March Madness, St. Louis Cardinals, palindromes, strawberries, Elvis Presley and a cappella song groups. She also loves a good book and yoga. She has been charged with (and found guilty of) overusing the exclamation point! When she’s not spending time with her son, Asher, or her husband, Sam, you can find her cooking, practicing yoga, putting a needle on the record player, playing with her two rescued pugs (Thelma & Eloise), devouring a book or a new play, and doing her laundry. Colleen does not play the violin.

What cause are you passionate about?
I can’t really choose one. My nonprofit career started when my brother was diagnosed with lymphoma so cancer causes are special to me. However, animal rescue and arts/education causes are near and dear to my heart as well.

Where did you beg your parents to take you as a child?
I begged them to take me on the Sound of Music tour in Austria.  When we lived overseas for a brief period of time, my Dad made this happen!

What is one of your favorite quotes?
“I see what you are trying to do here.  Do I like it?  No.”  Tim Gunn

Can you use chopsticks?
Yes! I lived in Tokyo for one year and am a chopstick aficionado.

Record/CD/Cassette/Music you wore out in high school?
Whitney Houston’s I’m Your Baby Tonight Album…mainly because it has the greatest song of all time on it.  My Name is Not Susan, to which I know ALL of the lyrics and possibly have some sweet moves to.


Colleen joined Charity Dynamics as a Senior Interactive Consultant. She helps build a comprehensive fundraising strategy so that non-profits can easily proclaim ‘show me the money!’ She is great at relationship management and connecting the donor to the mission of an organization. She has always loved to put on a good show from her performing days so she can use that with consulting by helping a non-profit better tell their story. She thinks that if we tell our story and connect the mission to those giving, we can be on our way to fundraising success. Her past positions include Sr. Development Manager, Individual Gifts at ZACH Theatre; Team LIVESTRONG Manager, LIVESTRONG Foundation; Sr. Campaign Manager, Team in Training; and Singer/Actor at Walt Disney World. She received her Bachelors of Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance from James Madison University.