Mariano Caceres

VP, Business Development


Growing up in a third world country (with scarcity of resources to tackle basic problems) laid the foundation for Mariano’s desire to pursue a career with the potential for social impact. After an early career stint with for-profit companies, he eventually found his way into the exciting world of nonprofit technology. Initially this was a hobby focused on building an online political advocacy and debate forum focused on the pressing issues of his native El Salvador. Eventually, this led him to focus on best-in-class fundraising technology and how to harness it to bring about social good in the world at large.

Mariano enjoys a delicate blend of classic rock, heavy metal, gangsta rap, smooth electronica and chill lounge music.  He is a patron of local music and actively supports the Austin music scene through Black Fret, a 501c(3) public charity that is built upon the simple principle that our local music, like the symphony and the opera, is worthy of the community’s support.  In his spare time he loves hanging out in the tropical paradises of Central America, scuba diving, surfing and lounging in the pool with his wife Gabriela and three kids, Gaby, Lucia and Mariano Jr.


Mariano joined Charity Dynamics after a leadership role at Small World Labs, a startup company where he worked closely with top global and national nonprofit organizations to better understand, engage, and serve their key audiences and constituents.  He was responsible for an unprecedented, multi-year expansion of the companies’ online community platform install base by building deep relationships with key internal business stakeholders.  This rapid growth led to the successful acquisition of the company by Personify in 2015.

In his current role, he leads all new business development efforts to continue expanding the agency’s footprint on both strategic services and online fundraising platforms and solutions.  One of his key areas of expertise is helping nonprofits make a solid, ROI-based business case for investment in cutting-edge, best in class solutions which Charity Dynamics pioneers in the fundraising space.  He truly enjoys making an impact on the bottom line of his clients by introducing them to exciting new avenues for constituent engagement and digital fundraising growth.