American Cancer Society

Relay for Life End-of-Year Giving

Project Description

More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year. The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer through tax-deductible donations, volunteer opportunities and life-changing events such as Relay For Life. Charity Dynamics teamed up with ACS Relay For Life on their website redesign to integrate event giving and end of year lightbox implementation to ultimately increase event participation and conversion rates.

Project Details

Client American Cancer Society
Skills Engagement, Fundraising
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  • Engage event donors in end of year giving while continuing to connect giving to actual participation in the event
  • Ensure a high conversion user experience that has been proven effective on other end of year campaign while introducing the complexity of event soft crediting functionality
  • Develop a solution in a short time frame to maximize the opportunity to collect end of year gifts
  • Ensure donations tracked to separate accounting structures for events and divisions


  • Incorporated user experience best practices to require the fewest number of steps to complete the donation form
  • Created an integrated donation form that allows searching for and crediting participants, events and team, without leaving the donation form
  • Developed a lightbox for the Relay for Life home page that included a countdown clock to create urgency
  • Utilized auto-populated gift amounts that carry forward the selection from the lightbox to the donation form


  • ACS launched with a comprehensive solution that met the needs of donors, participants along with event staff and accounting requirements
  • Lightbox and donation form combination resulted in more than 15,000 conversions from lightbox display to donation form
  • Form submits to separate donation forms based on selection ensuring proper crediting across all events

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