Volunteer Week 2014

Volunteer week here at Charity Dynamics is an annual activity that we all look forward to. This year, we had four really fun options to choose from; United Way for Greater Austin, Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Austin Animal Center and Girlstart.

The United Way for Greater Austin
“Taking the time to write handwritten, personal letters to local students to go along with bags packed full of school supplies for their very first day of middle school was my favorite part of Volunteer Week. Yes, FIRST DAY of middle school – how scary can that be? The Charity Dynamics team survived middle school, of course, so encouraging others with advice to not hold back and immerse themselves in activities they are passionate about felt like a useful, important reminder for these kids.” – Nick Barbieri, Project Manager

The volunteers who went to The United Way for Greater Austin enjoyed packing backpacks with school supplies and writing inspirational notes to incoming middle school students. The United Way for Greater Austin helps so many and we were thrilled that they hosted one of our volunteer groups.



Johnsons Backyard Garden
“The fresh air was nice, but the sense that you’re making a difference is even better.” – Lindsey Rose, Marketing Coordinator

“I had a lot of fun working with other volunteers sorting, cleaning and packaging carrots, maybe that doesn’t sound fun to everyone, but with good conversation, good music and a good cause, it definitely was!” – Kerri Bishop, Web Production Specialist

At Johnson’s Backyard Garden, the volunteer crew planted fennel and dandelion seeds. The racks of seeds mounted and one of the volunteer coordinators even said it was the most racks they’d seen planted in one day. Proud moment for all the Charity Dynamics employees who contributed! Some of the crew also sorted, weighed and packaged up carrots and okra. Some others even helped in the greenhouse. The greenhouse may have been more sauna-like considering how hot Austin gets in August, but it was well worth it to make a difference. So glad one of our groups got to volunteer with this great organization and enjoy the outdoors, plus the package of free veggies after your volunteering certainly doesn’t hurt.