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Nonprofits engage with their supporters and encourage those individuals to involve their own support network to receive optimal support for their organization. As you know, this involvement is referred to as peer-to-peer fundraising (aka P2P).


This approach has already allowed nonprofits to make great strides in their fundraising endeavors and in community involvement. 1 in 4 solicitation emails from p2p fundraisers result in donations! That’s huge, considering a donation only occurs in 1 in 1,250 emails sent directly by the nonprofit. This really shows that people respond when the donation ask comes from a close personal connection, more so than when the reach out comes from an organization.

P2P fundraising does not come without its hardships however; as Kimbia pointed out in their 4 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Lessons from AFP 2014 post, getting a donation might be easier, but keeping the connection is more difficult.


We believe that this success will continue prosper even with some hardships present, but we want to hear your thoughts on the future of p2p. Charity Dynamics is looking to your expertise by asking you and your fellow nonprofit professionals what you expect to see for p2p in the next 10 years. So, nonprofit pros, gaze into your crystal ball, read the tea leaves or just use your industry knowledge and experience and tell us what you see for the future of peer-to-peer fundraising! Our Future of Peer-to-Peer Survey will only take 2-5 minutes and one lucky survey taker will even win a $50 Amazon gift card. Results will be released in Spring of 2015 and will aid in keeping nonprofits ahead of the curve in the fundraising world.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

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