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Charity Dynamics is nearing its 10th birthday. The projects that we have been able to work on and the nonprofit partners that we have had the pleasure of working with have exceeded my wildest dreams. (This is probably not the first nor the last time you’ll hear me say that).

In the last 10 years, the technology used in nonprofit industry has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s been so exciting seeing new technology and new thought leadership come about and change the way nonprofits fundraise and engage with their donors. From social media to responsive websites and donor forms, technology has had a big impact on the last 10 years in nonprofits.

Nonprofit professionals are especially good at looking to the future and that is exactly what I’m going to ask of you here. Please, take a few minutes to look into your crystal ball and then tell us what you see for the next 10 years! Our 10 Year Prediction Survey will only take 2-5 minutes and one survey taker will even win a $50 Amazon gift card.


Thank you!