The Boundless Fundraising™ suite of products represents the first mobile and social peer-to-peer fundraising tools of its kind. The suite is powered by millions of participants involved in tens of thousands of events and provides a richness of data that simply cannot be matched. Boundless Fundraising is a fully licensed app, and we are constantly working to find new ways to improve and invest in new features for the suite. By combining social and mobile, you can tap into broader donor profiles and reach out to entirely new groups of participants.

Organizations using Boundless Fundraising have raised over $350 million dollars and an average of 90% of users are new donors! The suite leverages social media, smartphones, tablets and email so that supporters can extend their reach, automate their activities and fundraise anytime, anywhere. This well-rounded and easy to use donor experience makes for happy participants who will want to come back and fundraise for your cause again and again. The chart below illustrates how the average donation to a Boundless product has increased in size year to year.

A strong component of the suite is Boundless Fundraising Mobile, which helps nonprofits reach an increasingly mobile audience. In March of 2012 smartphone users accounted for 61% of all mobile subscribers (Neilsen, 2012). For the 28- 34 demographic, the percentage is a staggering 78%. And of course, this share continues to increase. Users continue to spend more time in mobile apps than on mobile websites by a wide margin. Of the average 158 minutes we spend on our mobile devices, a whopping 80% are spent in apps, compared to a slim 20% on mobile browsers (Flurry, 2013). Boundless Fundraising utilizes these facts by allowing donors to fundraise in mediums they are already comfortable in. The mobile app makes it easy to see at a glance how your fundraising is going. Get up-to-the minute information on how much you’ve raised and how far you have to go. Plus, get one-click access to all the features of the app in one place.

Boundless Fundraising services include:

  • Ability to fundraise on multiple platforms
  • Thank your donors
  • Receive dynamic fundraising updates
  • View progress bar
  • Create automated requests for support

The Boundless Fundraising suite makes IFEs easy for you and your participants by reaching the most donors in the most channels, attracting new donors and increasing your participant retention year after year.

For more information on Boundless Fundraising and how to make the most of your mobile and social peer-to-peer fundraising tools, visit our website or check out this video.

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