Boundless Fundraising™

More Than $400 Million Raised

Peer-to-peer participants are excited when they sign up for your fundraising event. They imagine themselves handing over a giant check to your organization, giving an acceptance speech for winning fundraising awards – they have great intentions. But without the right tools, they are limited to asking the same people, the same way, over and over again, reaching just a fraction of their social network. Boundless Fundraising™ empowers them to break out of their boring fundraising routines so they can try something new and exciting using all that new media has to offer. Leveraging social media, smartphones, tablets and email, supporters can extend their reach, automate their activities and fundraise anytime, anywhere.


  • iPhone / iOS
  • Android
  • Facebook
  • Email


  • Fundraise on multiple platforms
  • Thank your donors
  • Receive dynamic fundraising updates
  • Create automated requests for support
  • View dynamic event updates
  • Ask for support on multiple channels