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Increase engagement and fundraising results through a combination of innovative strategy and technology solutions that are developed to meet (and exceed) your program and mission goals.

Why work with us?

Goal-Driven Digital Strategy

Our team of digital pros collaborate with you to develop strategies to help you reach your engagement and fundraising goals.

Proven Track Record

Our team has 12+ years of professional experience developing and delivering successful online programs for nonprofits.

Fundraising Growth

Our team is constantly monitoring industry trends, surfacing best practices and bringing expert insights to support program growth of your fundraising programs and campaigns.

Innovative Technology

Our team of experts are focused on providing experiences that both “surprise and delight” your supporters and optimize the user experience to meet them where they prefer to engage.

Discover Our Services

Charity Dynamics offers four key service areas for nonprofits ready to maximize their digital fundraising channels:

Peer-to-Peer Programs

From traditional walks and runs to DIY and virtual events, Charity Dynamics can help you take your peer-to-peer fundraising programs to the next level. We know what it takes to inspire supporters to make your mission their own and fundraise on your behalf.

UX / Design and Development
Great digital experiences for your constituents mean more success for your organization. We combine cutting-edge technology, inspiring creative campaigns, and in-depth systems knowledge to keep users engaged and excited about your mission.

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