Boundless Voices

Exponentially Expanded Reach

They don’t leave home without your logo coffee mug. They have one of your t-shirts for every day of the week. They schedule their vacations around your annual event. They are your diehard fans. Be proud your nonprofit has built this community of supporters with a strong passion for your mission.

Boundless Voices gives your followers an easy way to show their support for your cause and share their enthusiasm on the platforms that people use today—social media, mobile and email. You let them know what’s important right now, so they can get the word out to their friends, and more importantly, friends of friends, exponentially expanding your reach to a brand new audience. Through your organization’s very own mobile app, your nonprofit will generate more awareness for your cause while your organization gains recognition and new supporters.


  • iPhone / iOS
  • Android
  • Facebook
  • Email


  • Personal Story Sharing on Facebook
  • Action Alerts on Facebook
  • Facebook Achievement Badges
  • Facebook Profile Picture Donation
  • Constituent Contributed Content
  • Email Send via Smartphone App
  • Activity Tracking via Smartphone App
  • Take Action via Smartphone App
  • Email Badge Updated with Latest Action
  • Email Badge Automatically Added to Email Signature