Charity Dynamics Introduces Boundless Fundraising TM Social, the Next Generation in Social Fundraising Platforms
New App Enables Seamless and Guided Fundraising Across Multiple Social Channels

AUSTIN, TX (April 12, 2018) – Charity Dynamics, a nonprofit digital technology and services solutions firm, is launching the next generation in social fundraising platforms with Boundless Fundraising TM Social, the first product to enable nonprofits and their supporters to fundraise across multiple social channels seamlessly at the press of a button. With its scheduled and predefined messaging, Boundless Fundraising TM Social helps guide and turn participants immediately into fundraisers.

A powerful fundraising app, Boundless Fundraising TM Social helps amplify the peer-to-peer fundraising best practice of asking as many people as possible — on their preferred social channel — and asking them multiple times.

Boundless FundraisingTM Social is part of the robust Boundless Fundraising TM application suite that lets fundraisers at any level of fundraising expertise raise more money by easily connecting their social, mobile, and email channels. Nonprofits using Boundless Fundraising TM have raised $600+ million over the last 10 years and, on average, see a 7 percent increase in online fundraising within their programs.

This week, Charity Dynamics launched a Boundless Fundraising TM Social pilot program through the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk.

“As a longtime Boundless Fundraising TM client and proud early adopter, we are very excited about the potential of having a fully integrated social solution within the confines of our Kidney Walk participant center,” said National Kidney Foundation Senior National Walk Manager Deanna Bucciarelli. She added, “not only will Boundless Fundraising TM Social help to keep our fundraisers on our website, but it will also help them reach new donors through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and texting.”

Boundless Fundraising TM Social offers a strong set of features that can evolve as the fundraising landscape and general consumer behaviors change how mobile and social media are used.

Key features include the following:

  • Expanded social reach with connections to Facebook TM, Twitter TM, LinkedIn TM, and email.
  • Full integration with a nonprofit organization’s event website to make the fundraising experience as seamless as possible for participants.
  • The powerful Scheduled Messages tool, where event participants can select predefined social fundraising posts, and let Boundless Fundraising TM Social do the work.

“We’re excited about the fundraising lift and impact on new donor acquisition that Boundless Fundraising TM Social offers nonprofit organizations,” Charity Dynamics CEO Bob Riazzi said. “As peer-to-peer fundraisers increasingly use mobile apps to engage with nonprofits and to conduct their fundraising activities, this fully integrated solution will assist nonprofits in taking fundraising to the next level and across social channels.”

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