Charity Dynamics Introduces Mobile Check Deposit for Nonprofit Fundraising


AUSTIN, Texas (January 26, 2018) – Charity Dynamics is now providing nonprofits with the capability to process paper check donations more efficiently and effectively through the use of mobile check capture technology. A nonprofit digital technology solution firm, Charity Dynamics has partnered with Mitek, a leader in mobile capture and identity verification software, to feature Mitek’s Mobile Deposit and Mitek MiSnap products on Charity Dynamics’ Boundless Fundraising mobile application.

“We’re excited to introduce mobile check deposit technology to nonprofits,” Charity Dynamics CEO Bob Riazzi said. “Through integration with our Boundless Fundraising mobile application, this new software solution offers our clients substantial cost savings in processing their offline donations and accelerates the time to process checks, recognize their fundraisers, and to thank donors. These translate into really great benefits for nonprofit organizations as they improve the results from their fundraising efforts, reduce costs and repeat the cycle.”

One of the most common forms of nonprofit donations, paper checks, require more effort on the part of fundraisers and nonprofits alike. Fundraisers typically hold on to checks and submit a batch at one time, delaying how soon an organization can process and access the funds raised on their behalf.

By incorporating mobile check deposit technology into their fundraising efforts, nonprofit organizations can make it faster and easier for fundraisers to collect and deposit paper checks from donors. This results in faster revenue collection, reduced administrative processing time, and fewer lost checks.

About Charity Dynamics

Charity Dynamics is a strategy, fundraising and online marketing firm for nonprofit organizations. Our staff has over 175 years’ experience working directly for nonprofits, working with organizations of all sizes, including some of the biggest names in the nonprofit and foundation world. Charity Dynamics delivers what charities need to fulfill their missions: more awareness, supporters, engagement and donations. Our solutions include strategic consulting, creative services, fundraising solutions, and innovative technology. At Charity Dynamics, our mission is to fulfill yours. For more information, please visit www.charitydynamics.com.

About Mitek

Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is a global leader in mobile capture and identity verification software solutions built on the latest advancements in AI and machine learning. Mitek’s identity verification solutions allow an enterprise to verify a user’s identity during a digital transaction. This enables financial institutions, payments companies and other businesses operating in highly regulated markets to mitigate financial risk and meet regulatory requirements while increasing revenue from digital channels. Mitek also reduces the friction in the users’ experience with advanced data prefill and automation of the onboarding processes. Mitek’s innovative solutions are embedded into the apps of more than 5,900 organizations and used by more than 80 million consumers. For more information, visit www.miteksystems.com or www.miteksystems.co.uk.