Charity Dynamics Partners with Rallybound to Bring the Fundraising Power of Facebook Fundraiser TM to Nonprofit Organizations

New Product Enhancement Enables Direct Integration with Facebook Fundraiser TM

AUSTIN, TX (May 17, 2019) – Charity Dynamics, a nonprofit digital technology and services solutions firm, is connecting nonprofit organizations with the fundraising power and functionality of Facebook Fundraiser thanks to an exclusive partnership with Rallybound, a digital fundraising platform and a Neon One company.

Facebook Fundraiser has become a major tool for nonprofits running peer-to-peer fundraising events. Two examples are during the first year of birthday fundraisers on Facebook people raised $300 million and on 2018 Giving Tuesday, Facebook raised $125 million via Facebook Fundraiser, in comparison to $45 million in 2017.

In 2018, approximately 18% of online donations were made through Facebook Fundraiser. Participants who use Facebook Fundraiser raise an average of $64 more in their personal campaigns compared to their peers that haven’t yet started using Facebook Fundraiser.

Nonprofits can now take advantage of a direct integration between Rallybound and Boundless Fundraising to create a seamless fundraising experience that leverages Facebook Fundraiser:

  • Event participants can create a Facebook Fundraiser and manage it directly from their Rallybound Dashboard or the Boundless Fundraising app
  • Donations made on Facebook are credited to the participant inside of Rallybound — and likewise, donations made to the user on a Rallybound site are reflected in Facebook Fundraiser totals
  • With Facebook Fundraiser’s zero transaction fees, nonprofits can maximize donations they receive, with all data synced to ensure the correct event, affiliate, and participant are property credited

“We firmly believe in offering solutions that meet the online habits of our fundraisers and donors,” said Joe Magee, COO at Rallybound. “With this exclusive integration nonprofits can see the financial benefits of directly fundraising on the largest social network in the world.”

“In partnering with Rallybound, we’re pleased to provide this solution for nonprofit organizations so they can get the benefit of guiding their participants in raising more funds — and ensuring proper credit for it — while sustaining Facebook’s generous practice of eliminating fundraising fees, which is a win-win for all organizations,” said Kathy Kempff, Senior Vice President of Product, Charity Dynamics.


About Charity Dynamics

Charity Dynamics is a strategy, fundraising and online marketing firm for nonprofit organizations. Our staff has over 175 years’ experience working directly for nonprofits, working with organizations of all sizes, including some of the biggest names in the nonprofit and foundation world. Charity Dynamics delivers what charities need to fulfill their missions: more awareness, supporters, engagement and donations. Our solutions include strategic consulting, creative services, fundraising solutions, and innovative technology. At Charity Dynamics, our mission is to fulfill yours. For more information, please visit www.charitydynamics.com.

About Rallybound

Rallybound, a Neon One company, provides nonprofits of any size a modern digital fundraising platform that is clean, fresh, powerful and easy to use. With Rallybound’s unique digital fundraising solutions supporters of nonprofits can customize their own personal fundraising pages, where they can receive donations from friends and family in order to further the charity’s mission. Rallybound is ranked as the 841st fastest growing private company in the USA by Inc. Magazine.