Charity Dynamics Study Shows Nonprofit Digital Spending is Growing; Constituent Engagement Solutions Emerge as a Top Priority

Charity Dynamics Study Shows Nonprofit Digital Spending is Growing; Constituent Engagement Solutions Emerge as a Top Priority

97% report their organization’s investment in interactive solutions will grow or stay the same in 2014

AUSTIN, Texas (May 6, 2014) – Charity Dynamics today released the findings of its Interactive Investment Benchmark Study, providing insight into nonprofit digital spending habits and priorities. More than half (55%) of respondents reported that their organization will be increasing their investment in interactive solutions this year; 42% anticipate their investment will approximately match 2013 levels.

Respondents report that donation and e-commerce solutions are the top investment priorities for their organizations (51%), closely followed by constituent engagement and social media solutions (47%). Respondents also report their most desired additions or updates to include specific engagement channels like websites (34%) and email marketing (8%).

“As we all spend more time online, be it shopping or socializing, we start to expect a higher level of online engagement,” says Donna Wilkins, Charity Dynamics CEO and Founder. “These results show nonprofits understand that and are responding by investing in solutions to improve the online experience for their supporters.”

Other key findings from the report include
•    26% of respondents report their organization is increasing the interactive solutions budget by more than 11% this year.
•    Respondents from large organizations report more emphasis on mobile with 29% saying it is a high priority.
•    Across all size organizations, 37% of respondents report their executive director or CEO owns the budget. But at medium to large organizations, ownership is less often with the executive director or CEO and more often with marketing, fundraising, IT/operations or the CIO/CTO.

Findings from the Interactive Investment Benchmark Study are being presented today in a free webinar by Wilkins. The study can be downloaded for free at https://my.charitydynamics.com/InteractiveInvestment.html.

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