Boundless Fundraising TM Social

Frequently Asked Questions

What social channels are incorporated into Boundless Fundraising Social?

Boundless Fundraising Social brings together the social media channels that your event participants use the most – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – alongside your traditional communication powerhouse – email – and soon to be combined with exciting new channels like text messaging via your phone’s address book and web push notifications.

Based on availability and demand, Charity Dynamics will also continue to integrate Boundless Fundraising Social into new social media platforms.

How is Boundless Fundraising Social integrated into my existing event website?

Boundless Fundraising Social enables your participants to quickly and easily start fundraising for your organization through a social dashboard that lives within the confines of your existing event website. Rather than asking your participants to log in directly to their different social media channels and promote your cause (which encourages abandonment), encourage them to immediately take action as part of your welcome walk-through.

In addition, the multichannel tools within Boundless Fundraising Social can be displayed to your participants as either a separate communication tab or as a lightbox.

Eager to get up and running on Boundless Fundraising Social? See the table below which highlights different considerations when launching this new platform.


Implementation into a non-customized Participant Center

Standard Custom

Implementation into a non-customized Participant Center with choice of 3 options (tab, # step, in PC placement)

Advanced Custom

For highly customized Participant Centers such as Dev / Prod environment, accessibility, Angular JS, GitHub, etc.

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How does Boundless Fundraising Social differ from the Boundless Fundraising Facebook App?

Boundless Fundraising Social expands your participants’ ability to fundraise beyond Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn, text messages (coming soon!) from a mobile device and web push notifications (coming soon!) when on a desktop.

And given that Boundless Fundraising Social is nested within the event website, it serves as a more direct extension of an organization’s fundraising efforts.

What options do I have through the scheduled messages feature?

Perhaps the most powerful feature of Boundless Fundraising Social comes in the form of pre-selected message templates that event participants can opt-in to immediately after registration for your event. The scheduled messages tool automates best practices for reaching out to friends and family for donations and recruiting team members, enabling your participants to get their fundraising up and running quickly.

Through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, participants have a variety of different scheduled post options available to them. These include messages that are based around progress toward their fundraising goal (e.g., I’m 75% towards my goal of $500), messages based around proximity to the event date (e.g., 15 days until event), and more!

Based on metrics that we generate annually, Charity Dynamics estimates that between 40% and 60% of all Facebook donations have traditionally come through this feature!

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Do fundraisers have the ability to create personalized messages through Boundless Fundraising Social?

Absolutely! Not only does Boundless Fundraising Social provide event participants with the ability to send out suggested messages via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and soon, text messaging, but participants also have the ability to personalize the content of the messages before sending.

All messages have links back to each participant’s donation page with source codes for tracking and reporting.

How does Boundless Fundraising Social differ from Blackbaud’s new Facebook Fundraiser solution?

Boundless Fundraising Social and Blackbaud’s new Facebook Fundraiser solution each have their own unique set of features and benefits – and that’s why we have collaborated with Blackbaud to offer a singular product offering.

Here’s a breakdown of the relative strengths of each platform:


Product features Blackbaud & Facebook Fundraiser Boundless Fundraising Social
Donation experience within Facebook
Fully integrated with Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser platform
Donations collected are subject to all standard Blackbaud fees for online transactions
Integrated into organization’s event website
Ability to integrate donor personalization and questions throughout the donation process
Leverages multiple channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and soon – text messaging and web notifications
Licensed product that is regularly updated with new features and functions
Works out-of-the-box with legacy versions of TeamRaiser and customized Participant Centers
Guided setup and configuration with best practices to promote application adoption
Proactive management of results with monthly reporting and review of results with annual benchmark by program type
Fundraising best practices with suggested messages and recommended timing for automated messaging
Brand extension features such as share profile photo and cover photo, and thank a donor


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