Mobile Check Deposit Solution for Event Participants and Administrators

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The Alzheimer's Association's Journey to Mobile Check Deposit

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What is Mobile Check Deposit?

Check Processing for Participants and/or Administrators

How is Mobile Check Deposit Different for Event Participants and Administrators?

“At [Alzheimer’s Association’s] The Longest Day, we were really excited to roll out the participant app for mobile check deposit because it came around at a time when we were looking at our gift processing throughout our organization, and how to take the burden off of our chapter staff who were having to do data entry.

And so, we had asked Charity Dynamics if we could do the same thing, but have administrators depositing checks on behalf of participants. They agreed and were able to build out both, a participant check deposit side, and an administrator check deposit side. So that, if participants turned in checks to our local offices, those local office staff could then deposit the checks immediately from their phone and have the information added into Luminate.

And so, it took the burden of the data entry and the burden of taking the check to the bank in a batch to deposit, off the chapter staff – resulting in streamlined procedures for us.”

Noel Beebe
National Director, Digital Fundraising
Alzheimer’s Association

“There are two different flavors to the Mobile Check Deposit Solution. First, there is the option for participants to deposit checks themselves using their mobile app, and second, there is an option for administrators.

So if on event day, a participant brings a check to an event manager, rather than having to mail off the check to a lockbox for processing, the event manager can actually deposit that check via their mobile device.

We actually have both solutions in place and organizations have the ability to use one or both options to improve check processing  and ensure their participant gets credit right away and donor receive immediate acknowledgement.”

Kathy Kempff
Sr. Vice President of Product
Charity Dynamics