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Results YTD from The Longest Day and Other Event Programs

The Alzheimer's Association's Journey to Mobile Check Deposit

Back to Basics:
What is Mobile Check Deposit?

Check Processing for Participants and/or Administrators

“We implemented Mobile Check Deposit this last June [2018] for The Longest Day.

The Longest Day occurs on June 21st and about half of our revenue comes in from the mail after the event. So we were really excited to see what happened when we released Mobile Check Deposit out to our participants. And the result was that 25% of the checks that are normally sent, came in through the Mobile Check Deposit solution.

That’s about 4,300 checks that were processed immediately that did not have to get entered later by a data processing person, and we actually processed over $800,000 in checks that came in through Mobile Check Deposit!”


Did You Experience any Unexpected Benefits with the Roll-Out of Mobile Check Deposit?

“One of the side effects [of Boundless Fundraising Mobile Check Deposit] that we were not expecting, was that we had a lot of people that downloaded the app, just to do mobile check deposit, but then ended up using the app to do more online fundraising.

We actually saw a 57% increase in fundraising through the Boundless Fundraising app – not related to Mobile Check Deposit. So we were really excited to see that, those that downloaded the app for Mobile Check Deposit, ended up using the app for all of its native features, as well.”


Why Has Alzheimer’s Association Decided to Move Forward with Mobile Check Deposit for Their Walk to End Alzheimer’s Event Program?

We had a really great experience with The Longest Day mobile check deposit. Both our chapter staff loved using it – we have an administrator side of the app where, if participants do turn in checks to our chapters, our chapters can log in as administrators and deposit those checks immediately on behalf of the participant, and thus eliminating the need for them to go to the bank and make the deposit and do the data entry at their office. And we’re really excited to be rolling that out to our Walk to End Alzheimer’s events this fall.

So we have 640 events across the country and we still have a lot of people that donate through check – so we’re really excited to be making it easier for those participants and for our chapter staff, in taking the burden off of them to do data entry.

We also fill this is going to make gift processing and  data processing eaiser as an organization. It’s going to eliminate a lot of risk by keeping the money in the hands of the participant and in the hands of the donor. And it’s going to give them that great experience of getting that immediate satisfaction of seeing their progress meter grow and knowing that their acknowledged and valued by the organization.

Noel Beebe
National Director, Digital Fundraising
Alzheimer’s Association

What Results Have You Seen from the Mobile Check Deposit Solution in 2018?

“It’s really exciting to see the momentum that Mobile Check Deposit has been able to get over the last few months. We now have five large national event programs using the Boundless Fundraising Mobile Check Deposit solution, and just in the last two months alone, we’ve processed over $1,000,000 through the solution – so it is really exciting and certainly even more exciting to see what the fall events will bring.”

What Are the Year-To-Date Results for The Longest Day?

“In terms of The Longest Day, I was so excited to see the results of the Mobile Check Deposit solution. We actually launched May 31st, 2018, which is just a few weeks before their event date in June. But over the past few months, they have already been able to process over $850,000 through the mobile check deposit solution, and they have been employing both the participant check solution and the administrative deposit solution.

It has been really impressive to see their ability to educate the field, educate their participants, and get the word out about a more efficient way to process these checks and get credit for those transactions, and being able to see that type of result – with such a short window before their actual event date.

So I’m really excited to see what the Walk to End Alzheimer’s program will do once we deploy it for their fall season.”

Kathy Kempff
Sr. Vice President of Product
Charity Dynamics