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AI Technology

Engages Facebook

Opens Dialogue
with Fundraisers

Fundraiser Loyalty

Our proprietary bot and AI technology effectively engages Facebook Fundraisers by inviting them to opt in to receiving communication from the organization via Messenger.

Through customized dialogue flows, the Boundless Fundraising Facebook Messenger Bot holds dynamic discussions with the subscriber, based on their connection to the cause, fundraising goals, and amount raised.

With Charity Dynamics’ help, we were able to launch a bot that reflects the friendly voice of our organization, provides coaching and inspiration, and successfully builds a rapport with our Facebook Fundraisers seeking fundraising assistance.
Catherine Whitlock

Senior Director of Online Communications, Parkinson's Foundation

Case Study: Parkinson’s Foundation

In an effort to drive engagment, ensure loyaly, and increase performance of their Facebook Fundraisers, Parkinson’s Foundation recently implemented the Boundless Fundraising Facebook Messenger Bot. Download our 2-page case study to learn more!

Communication Channel

Our bot not only syncs with your Facebook Fundraiser’s progress in real-time, but it also prompts them to confirm their email address, learns their connection to the cause, and collects their feedback in a format that can be imported into the backend of your CRM.

CRM Integration

Once the user subscribes to the bot, you have the ability to fold them AND their donors into a Welcome Email series, while continuing to engage them through Messenger. This provides the ability to re-engage and recruit them as future Facebook Fundraisers.

Performance Portal

As we are a data-driven organization, the bot was designed with a reporting portal on the back end that tracks Donor and Fundraiser information, including bot engagement activity, fundraising performance metrics, and subscription lifecycle tracking.

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