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Boundless Life

Create a Personalized Space Where Your Mission Comes to Life

Building and strengthening relationships with the people connected to your cause continues to be the tried-and-true path to fundraising success. And in today’s world, the opportunities to connect with supporters (old and new) are increasingly happening online. With the average person spending 4 hours daily on their mobile phone–and 90% of that time in mobile apps—we must meet our supporters where they are. But how do you do that in a personalized, yet easy and seamless way? We have a (new) app for that: Boundless Life™.

Listen to our on-demand webinar as Charity Dynamics Principal Consultant Tara Mermis and VP of Business Development Mariano Caceres introduce you to Boundless Life, the latest product in our Boundless Solutions suite. Boundless Life is all about creating a communal space that allows you to nurture relationships, spark engagement and make your mission feel more tangible.

Tara and Mariano guide you through Boundless Life’s key features and how they can work for your organization, including how you can use Boundless Life to:


  • Provide a personalized user experience — curated content, forums, activity tracking — based on an individual’s relationship with your organization.
  • Build customized community forums so your constituents can come together to connect, learn share — and support each other.
  • Download and analyze reports to optimize your content for different audiences.
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Tara Mermis

Principal Consultant

Charity Dynamics

Mariano Caceres

VP, Business Development

Charity Dynamics