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Breaking Barriers: The Power of Accessibility Audits in Nonprofit Digital Strategies

by Jennifer Mylock and Asher Kain

In today’s world where digital technology continuously advances and reshapes how we interact, accessibility audits have become essential tools for nonprofits that wish to create inclusive user experiences.

What is an Accessibility Audit?

Without accessibility features your website could appear like this to some users

Accessibility audits are comprehensive assessments that are used to evaluate the inclusivity and usability of digital products, websites, or services for individuals with diverse abilities.

These audits involve a thorough examination of design elements, content, and functionality to ensure they adhere to accessibility standards and guidelines, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


Why are Accessibility Audits Important for Nonprofits?

For nonprofits, website accessibility audits are much more than a compliance checklist; they are about embracing the principles of universal design and ensuring equal access to your digital content so that your organization can engage with a wide audience. Changes made as a result of audits go beyond user experience. They can play a crucial role in improving key interactions like event registrations and donations.  

Aligning Accessibility Audits with Your Organization’s Goals

At Charity Dynamics, we take a strategic approach to accessibility audits. We believe that the unique challenges and goals of nonprofit organizations require customized solutions. By aligning our audits with the missions of our partners, we provide recommendations that enhance accessibility and contribute to achieving your organization’s goals.

Inclusivity is central to our process. Our audits go beyond basic accessibility requirements, incorporating universal design principles to ensure digital experiences are usable by people of all abilities. This approach not only promotes an equitable online environment but also paves the way for a diverse online community.


Accessibility Audits as a Service at Charity Dynamics

Charity Dynamics offers accessibility audits as a specialized service which includes a thorough evaluation of the user journey. These audits are tailored to the specific needs and strategies of our partners, often focusing on areas like event registrations and donations. Our accessibility audits typically include:
  • A combination of automated and manual code inspections which highlight issues like missing alt text, color contrast problems, and keyboard navigation challenges.
  • Walkthroughs using screen readers and assistive technology to simulate what people with various abilities will experience when using your website.
The impact of our audits is seen in improved user experiences, streamlined processes, and increased user satisfaction. By enhancing the digital journey, we help nonprofits achieve better engagement and higher conversion rates. By adopting a strategic and inclusive approach, Charity Dynamics aims to lead nonprofits into a future where digital experiences are not only functional but also broadly accessible. As we navigate a world where technology is constantly reshaping user interactions, we are committed to prioritizing usability and accessibility, and working with our partners to create a positive social impact.  
Learn more about conducting an accessibility audit with Charity Dynamics.