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Engage by Charity Dynamics

Create a personalized space for the people connected to your cause—where relationships are nurtured, engagement is sparked, and your mission comes to life.

Build Community

Provide a platform for your constituents to connect, share stories, learn from one another and rally together to take action.

Strengthen Relationships

Build loyalty to your mission through personalized content and the ability to meet like-minded people who share the same connection to your cause.

Foster Engagement

Provide the tools for people to engage with your mission, take action and improve their well-being through activities and challenges.

Increase Awareness

Weave education about your mission into different touchpoints and allow your constituents to bring important topics to light.

engage In Action

Our newest app solution allows your mission to become a part of your constituent’s everyday life. Here’s how…


Personalized User Experience

Provide a customized user-experience based on an individual’s relationship with your organization.

Present stories, community forums, activities, and homepage content—all tailored to the group or groups an individual belongs to. Then allow users to customize their experience by bookmarking favorite stories, sorting posts and updating their photo and settings.

Curated Content

Share timely, relevant and overarching content through the app to increase awareness and build affinity for your mission.

Through our admin portal, add and categorize stories by topic so users can quickly get to the content most relevant to them. Target announcement screens and send out push notifications to certain groups of people—or to all users—to bring attention to the right content at the right time. Add to the discussion in communities to enhance the conversation.

Customized Communities

People are connected to your cause in different ways. Build communities for your constituents so they can connect, learn and share.

Create forums that are tagged to different topics and tied to specific groups. Users can add posts, comment on existing posts using text, emojis, images or video, or in a more passive way such as likes.

Activity Tracking

Track healthy habits and activities that allow users to join together to improve their well-being, raise their voices and further your organization’s mission.

Individuals can join various challenges, foster friendly competition through leaderboards, and motivate each other along the way. Completed challenges are celebrated and can be shared through both communities within the app and with family and friends on social media.

Reporting and Optimization

Continuously learn about your constituents by downloading and analyzing reports.

Which stories have the most views? Which posts have the most engagement? Learn about which content resonates best with your different audience segments and then optimize based on these insights. Ask custom questions as part of the registration process to learn even more.

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