Charity Dynamics’ Newest Solution Offers an Enhanced, Quick-Launch Deployment of Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser® Participant Center 3

End-user experience and program branding are showcased in this optimized template based on more than a decade of data analytics and peer-to-peer fundraising expertise.

(April 13, 2022) – Charity Dynamics, a provider of digital fundraising and engagement solutions to nonprofits, has released Enhanced TeamRaiser®, its newest turnkey solution that provides nonprofit organizations with a branded user experience in Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser Participant Center 3 (PC3). With the Enhanced TeamRaiser solution, organizations can offer fundraising event participants the PC3’s top-of-the-line functionality layered with an engaging, customized participant interface.

For peer-to-peer fundraising events, the participant center serves as the administrative hub of fundraising activity. It is where fundraisers track their progress, send donation requests and share their story. Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser PC3 introduces a new responsive and easy-to-navigate layout while leaving plenty of room for organizations to customize the design for more visible event branding, mission awareness, and fundraiser engagement.

Charity Dynamics’ Enhanced TeamRaiser solution makes those enhancements easy to leverage — at a fraction of the cost of a fully customized solution. Based on insights gathered across dozens of custom-built participant centers for some of the largest and most innovative nonprofits, the Enhanced TeamRaiser solution offers a proven, data-driven layout and design option that generates greater engagement from event participants and helps them more easily achieve their fundraising goals.

The Enhanced TeamRaiser solution provides organizations with a number of advantages:

    • Brand Integration Builds event brand awareness with an organization’s logo and color palette..
    • Participant center conversion rate. Encourages increased task engagement per session on the PC dashboard..
    • App Downloads. Generates more fundraising app downloads (where applicable) from the PC dashboard.
    • Email and social usage Increases the percentage of users sending emails and social shares from the PC.
    • Improved Client Success Results in fewer support cases related to the PC’s usability.

    “With the Enhanced TeamRaiser turnkey solution, we are bringing our user experience and design knowledge and data insights to Blackbaud’s powerful PC3 functionality, which will allow organizations to take their peer-to-peer fundraising experience to the next level for event participants and ensure success for their constituents,” said Meghan Dankovich, general manager of Charity Dynamics.

    “Charity Dynamic’s Enhanced TeamRaiser solution is the perfect complement to the proven functionality of TeamRaiser PC3, allowing organizations to develop a fully branded user experience in the participant center,” said Linton Myers, strategic initiatives at Blackbaud. “This, in turn, leads to improved engagement and activity by participants and ultimately to better fundraising outcomes.”

    “The Enhanced TeamRaiser solution is the result of extensive analysis of custom and innovative participant centers for major nonprofits to find the tools and design options that are proven to increase event participant engagement,” said Heather Gephart, vice president, operations and client engagement for Charity Dynamics. “Now, organizations can get access to these proven enhancements, in an incredibly cost-effective way, to take full advantage of Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser PC3.”


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