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Our Fundraising Predictions for 2024

by Charity Dynamics Consultants

Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

The conclusion of the year provides an ideal opportunity to unwind and contemplate the successes achieved. However, it is wise to simultaneously gaze into the future as the calendar turns to a new year.

With 2023 drawing to a close, the Charity Dynamics consulting team has taken a moment to predict fundraising trends for 2024 and beyond, peering into the future with the aid of their metaphorical crystal ball.

UX Audits

Website usability and accessibility audits are critical components of design and development for organizations aiming to enhance user experiences for individuals of diverse abilities. Usability audits focus on evaluating how easily and effectively users can interact with your website or fundraising platform. On the other hand, accessibility audits emphasize inclusivity and an appreciation for universal design principles, aiming to guarantee equal access to digital experiences for everyone.

UX audits are a valuable service we offer here at Charity Dynamics because we conduct our audits through a strategic lens to provide recommendations that move the needle on event registrations and donations for our partners. I predict that more nonprofits will make strides in usability and accessibility as we move into 2024.

“By conducting a UX audit, we can identify potential barriers, optimize user interfaces, and implement features that accommodate a broad spectrum of users, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and user-friendly environment for everyone.” – Asher Kain, UX/UI Designer

Platform Evaluations

Peer-to-peer fundraising has transformed the way nonprofits engage with their communities. These platforms are not just tools for collecting donations; they are vital channels for storytelling, community building, and donor engagement. However, as the digital landscape shifts, so too must these platforms evolve to meet the latest trends and donor expectations. Organizations will increasingly scrutinize their current platforms to ensure they align with their strategic goals and offer the best possible experience for participants donors.

And by staying attuned to the evolving digital landscape and donor expectations, organizations can ensure ongoing success, not just in fundraising but in forging lasting relationships with their donors. I predict more nonprofits will embrace this shift and place platform evaluation at the forefront of their strategic planning.

Adapting to Changing Donor Expectations

In the everchanging landscape of peer-to-peer fundraising, nonprofits continually adapt and evolve in response to changing demographics and social attitudes of donors, participants, and volunteers. As communities transform, so too must our event and organizational cultural norms. For instance, we’ve seen a widespread embrace of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives over the past few years that is making a positive impact for change. DEI should include the importance of understanding the unique perspectives of the younger generations that are helping to shift societal norms.

From inclusion to sustainability to geopolitics (and everything in between), I predict 2024 will bring a heightened sensitivity to the world around us and how our fundraising and events can play an important role in social good, regardless of whether an organization’s mission is directly related to the issue.


As podcasting continues to grow and mature as a medium, nonprofits have an opportunity to leverage podcasts to generate new sources of support. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2023 31% of those age 12 and older said they have listened to a podcast in the last week. I predict nonprofits will take advantage of the rising popularity of podcasts in a variety of ways, including creating their own podcast content and leveraging sponsorships and ads within established podcast networks.

For nonprofits that are open to experimentation and collaboration, podcasts present new opportunities to raise awareness, reach new advocates and generate revenue.

Onward to 2024

As we leave behind the past and embark on the journey into the future, we trust that these predictions will add a positive touch to your 2024.

With this sentiment, the Charity Dynamics consulting team extends their heartfelt wishes to each of you for a prosperous year ahead!

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