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Next week we unveil our highly anticipated Interactive Investment Benchmark Study. Interactive solutions are websites, mobile apps, online fundraising platforms and the like have certainly changed the way nonprofit organizations operate. These solutions are gaining in popularity throughout the nonprofit sector, and for good reason. The strategic use of interactive solutions increases supporter engagement, effective advocacy and most importantly, revenue.

Charity Dynamics recently conducted a survey of more than 300 nonprofit professionals to see how their interactive solutions budgets are being spent. This research will provide a benchmark for the nonprofit industry and can serve as a guide to your organization if you are looking to get the most out of your interactive budget.


Be the first to hear the results by joining our upcoming Interactive Investment Benchmark Study Webinar to learn:

  • What Nonprofits Are Spending: More than 95% of respondents agree and report that their investments in this space will grow or stay the same in 2014.
  • Where They’re Spending It: Respondents listed tools that directly generate revenue as top priority investments for 2014, with constituent engagement and social media programs close behind.
  • How They’re Spending It: There are certain decision-making processes, such as priority rankings, and valuation methods that rise to the top when it comes to nonprofit digital spending.
  • Who’s Spending It: In 37% of smaller organizations, Executive Directors often own the budget. But in medium to large organizations, ownership is more centered with marketing (22%) and IT (14%).

Not sure if you can attend the webinar? Sign up anyway – all registrants will receive access to the on-demand version of the webinar and a copy of the report!