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2021 Boundless Fundraising® Benchmark Report

Mobile usage insights across 125+ peer-to-peer event programs during a pandemic.
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2020 was unprecedented, to say the least. We knew that the pandemic was going to result in a massive shift in user behavior but the degree to which mobile adoption accelerated in such a short period of time was staggering.

For those nonprofits utilizing the Boundless Fundraising® for their peer-to-peer event programs, this resulted in a shift in how their supporters utilized the mobile app – from a vital fundraising resource to a personalized, all-in-one engagement experience. This year’s benchmark report highlights a number of core performance metrics, including:

  • Fundraising comparison metrics for users and nonusers
  • Revenue generated by source
  • Mobile adoption across different event types

Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at how our activity tracking module, Boundless Motion, performed in 2020, as well as some unique, custom mobile experience enhancements.