COVID-19 Perspectives

Strategic Thoughts from Leaders in the Nonprofit Industry

Sean Kramer, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

We recently sat down with Sean Kramer, the CEO of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, to discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on its ability to effectively operate and fundraise through end of year, and to drive its mission of finding cures for type 1 diabetes.  

Expanding the Virtual Event Lineup for Fall & Winter 2020

DRIF has, of course, modified its fundraising events in response to the pandemic. But in doing so, has opened new avenues for growth and engagement. Sean highlights how DRIF is adding to — and expanding — its virtual events this fall.

Adjusting Organizational Strategy Due to COVID-19

Finding new ways to engage with donors in a virtual environment is key. Sean talks about the creative approach DRIF has taken for generating that engagement by bringing donors into their research labs virtually. Also, there’s a robot.

COVID-Inspired Innovations and Investments

Due to COVID-19, organizations have had to find ways to innovate as well as evaluate where to invest in themselves and their supporters. Sean discusses the key investment DRIF has made that has become a major strength for the foundation.

Contributing Factors to Growth During the Pandemic

“Hope is not quarantined.” Here, Sean talks about how DRIF used clarity of messaging to help boost fundraising under the challenging circumstances of the pandemic and outlines others key factors that have helped lead to their success.

Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nonprofits were forced to make swift changes due to the pandemic. Sean discusses one major lesson early on in the pandemic that has helped DRIF communicate much more effectively, even in the virtual workplace.

COVID-19’s Impact on Ability to Meet Mission

Outside of fundraising, COVID-19 has affected nonprofits in other ways including how to continue meeting their mission. Here, Sean relates how DRIF had to adjust the way its scientists conducted their vital research in order to continue moving the ball forward during the pandemic.