COVID-19 Perspectives

Strategic Thoughts from Leaders in the Nonprofit Industry

John Scott, Chief Development and Community Leadership Officer

Back in early April, we sat down with John Scott to gain his “virtual” take on the immediate and long-term effects that the coronavirus pandemic is having on the various fundraising efforts for the National MS Society.

Staying true to your mission during COVID-19

For many nonprofits, staying true to their mission right now presents a difficult balance. Here, John discusses how NMSS is working to strike that balance in connecting and communicating with constituents.

Revaluating priorities and shifting resources to focus the essentials due to COVID-19

It’s more important than ever that nonprofits evaluate their priorities and resources to better understand how to move through the current environment. Here, John outlines the way NMSS evaluates its priorities and resources to ensure they are still achieving the desired outcome and impact.

Taking a proactive approach to hosting virtual events

With virtual events being the new reality for the foreseeable future, organizations are turning their attention to effective planning and implementation. In this video, John discusses how NMSS has taken a proactive approach to virtual events and reveals two keys tools that are helping guide them.

Working ‘smarter’ during the coronavirus crisis

Nonprofits must think about how their staff can work more effectively or “smarter” (and do so from home) to maintain continuity throughout this pandemic. In this video, John relays how NMSS is looking at its organizational structure and how that can allow them to more efficiently implement a new plan or procedure.

Finding new opportunities during COVID-19

As nonprofits look at their development needs, they may find opportunities to improve fundraising and other revenue areas by bumping up the priority level of certain programs. Here, John talks about how NMSS is looking at which programs and processes might need to be fast-tracked as a result of the pandemic.