COVID-19 Perspectives

Strategic Thoughts from Leaders in the Nonprofit Industry

Doug Ulman, President & CEO

We recently sat down with Doug Ulman to gain his “virtual” take on the immediate and long-term effects that the coronavirus pandemic is having on his cycling event program and broader organization.  

Adjusting Organizational Strategy in Light of COVID-19

Being agile from an organizational standpoint is key right now. Doug discusses how Pelotonia is taking a in-depth look at all of its activities and exploring the possibilities and opportunities around those.

Key Considerations for Pivoting to a Virtual Event

The possibility of having to transform its summer cycling event into a virtual one comes with plenty of questions. Here, Doug highlights Pelotonia’s two primary pillars for putting a virtual event in place.

Short, Medium & Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

Given the economic impact of COVID-19, organizations must put plans in place to stay ahead of the situation. Here, Doug discusses the three main things Pelotonia will need to do in the short, medium and long term.

Keeping the Mission Front and Center During COVID-19

“We’ll never cancel our mission.” Here, Doug talks about the importance of focusing on your mission and your community during this time, even as you may need to take programs and activities in a different direction.

Rapidly Shifting Mission Resources to Combat COVID-19

The coronavirus is directly affecting the way organizations can deliver on their mission. Here, Doug relates several ways in which Pelotonia is switching gears to focus its mission on supporting its community during the pandemic.

Returning to Physical Events

The return to in-person events will likely be slow and still come with certain caveats. Here, Doug discusses the specific community concerns that Pelotonia will need to seriously consider as physical events once again begin.