Top 10 Virtual Event Ideas

Finding and Creating the Perfect Virtual Event for Your Organization

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As much as we would all love to get back to our dearly missed IRL (In Real Life) events, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, virtual events look like they are HTS (Here To Stay).But that’s ok – as there are a number of virtual fundraising opportunities that organizations can capitalize on! 

And while everything else has changed, it’s important to remember that tried and true fundraising best practices haven’t… so let’s get creative! In our BRAND NEW guide, allow Brenda Miele and Sue Dalos to channel their inner David Letterman and bring you a Top 10 list of virtual fundraising events.

From a home office located in a messy kitchen, heeeeere’s tonight’s top 10 list including

  • Virtual Galas
  • Silent Auctions
  • Voting Contests
  • Telethons… and Much More!