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2022 Boundless Solutions™ Impact Report

The ultimate source of mobile fundraising and engagement benchmarks across 125+ peer-to-peer event programs.

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Nonprofits looked to 2021 with a hope of returning to some semblance of normalcy, only to find another year of uncertainty and unknowns. But time and again, the professionals who lead these organizations responded with creativity and resilience, and adapted strategies to take events virtual, seemingly overnight.

As we look to the future, it is impossible to predict what challenges lie ahead, but our focus remains the same. We will continue to be at the intersection of fundraising and technology with innovative solutions that engage participants and maximize donations in a mobile-first world.

In the 2022 Boundless Solutions™ Impact Report, we share:

  • Latest trends in user preferences
  • Trends in behaviors
  • Benchmarks for our core products
  • Stories of client success

Plus, you’ll get a look at the best way to enhance your upcoming events with Boundless Experience™, our touchless, virtual check-in for your in-person events.

Curious about our Touchless Self Check-In App?

Boundless Experience™ allows participants to check-in on event day either by scanning a QR code or using geolocation from their device when they reach the event site.