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From Physical to Virtual!

3 Nonprofits Weigh In on Lessons Learned and How to Create Fundraising Success In A Virtual World

The switch from physical, in-person fundraising events to virtual ones came about swiftly this spring as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As nonprofits scrambled to support the unique needs of the people they serve, they also had to tackle tough decisions around whether to cancel events or pivot them to virtual — or find an altogether different path. Ready or not, they had to act fast.

Join us for a webinar Tuesday, August 11, as we talk with three fundraising experts about how they made the shift from in-person to virtual events. Our panelists—from Boston Children’s Hospital, Canadian Cancer Society, and The Parkinson Alliance —will also discuss the key lessons they learned during this transition, including out-of-the-box event strategies they’ve developed, and how they intend to use those to ensure continued success going forward.

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Andrea Marlar Lesa O’Brien Carol Walton Sue Dalos
Sr. Director, Special Events VP, Digital President & CEO Principal Consultant
Boston Children’s Hospital Canadian Cancer Society The Parkinson Alliance Charity Dynamics


Andrea Marlar

Senior Director of Special Events

Boston Children’s Hospital

Lesa O’Brien

VP Digital

Canadian Cancer Society

Carol Walton

President and CEO

The Parkinson Alliance

Sue Dalos

Principal Consultant

Charity Dynamics