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How Activity Tracking, Combined With Avatars And Mission Badges, Is Energizing P2P Fundraising

Activity tracking technology has taken the peer-to-peer fundraising world by storm. Not only does it help improve recruitment and maximize engagement but it’s also incredibly versatile, offering an evolving array of creative ways to challenge and motivate fundraisers to reach their goals. But wait, there’s more!

Fundraisers can now create their own avatars to share with their community and can earn mission badges by taking critical actions to be more familiar with the organization’s cause. Listen in as we gain insights from Canadian Cancer Society’s Lesa O’Brien, Susan G. Komen’s Carrie Stovall, and Charity Dynamics’ Marcie Maxwell – during this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how they are making the most of these exciting tools to energize their fundraising communities.

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Lesa O’Brien

Vice President, Digital

Canadian Cancer Society

Carrie Stovall

Vice President, Peer to Peer Fundraising

Susan G. Komen


Marcie Maxwell

Principal Consultant

Charity Dynamics