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Offer the Sizzle and the Steak, But Make It All About Them

Making ‘Virtual’ Meaningful In A Humanity-Focused Environment

For nonprofits, one of many pressing concerns arising out of the coronavirus pandemic is how to handle peer-to-peer fundraising events. In-person events are, of course, a no go for the foreseeable future. So, many organizations are looking to virtualize their events.

But how can you create a P2P event experience in the virtual world that will fully engage your fundraisers? And how do you then convince constituents to not only participate, but to fundraise as well? It’s a tricky ask and we really can’t afford to screw it up. Avoid being tone deaf by fully embracing a “you-centric” method of communication that acknowledges where constituents are emotionally and provides an exciting path to meaningful action.

Listen in as Meghan Dankovich from Charity Dynamics and Turnkey’s Otis Fulton and Ryan Grosenick discuss these important questions to help pivot your now virtual P2P programs to maximize fundraising during these uncertain time.

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Meghan Dankovich

VP of Client Success

Charity Dynamics

Otis Fulton

VP Psychological Strategy


Ryan Grosenick

Senior Data Analyst