Your Top Fundraisers Thrive with On-Demand Support – And We Have the Data to Prove It!

Learn Insights from Alzheimer’s Association, Autism Speaks, and Fred Hutch

On-Demand Webinar

Your participants and donors are reaching out to you for help – but are you there for them when they need you? If not, you should be! Your most-engaged fundraisers and largest event donors absolutely thrive under your guidance and support—and we have the data to prove it. Our insights show that on-demand support is a critical channel to donor and participant engagement that is critical to your fundraising success.

In this previously-recorded webinar, we welcomed panelists from Autism Speaks Walk, Obliteride, and Walk to End Alzheimer’s to discuss the different aspects of customer support and why it plays a huge role in fundraising, donor experience and retention.What you will learn:

  • What the data from event programs across the nation tells us about participant behavior and results
  • How providing good customer support enhances your overall event experience
  • How your organization can leverage lessons learned from your own data and that of other leading event programs to increase fundraising and registration
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