Intelligent Facebook Fundraising

Coach Your Fundraisers to Success via Facebook Messenger

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In just two years, Facebook Fundraiser has become a powerhouse in the peer-to-peer fundraising arena. In fact, it’s estimated that 18% of donors worldwide have donated to a nonprofit through Facebook Fundraising Tools*. With Facebook raising $300 Million with over 750,000 nonprofits, this phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Put simply, Facebook has evolved and is no longer just a social platform. It’s a giving platform with wide-ranging future implications to online fundraising.

Notwithstanding this influx of revenue, data privacy concerns rooted in Facebook’s new terms of use leave nonprofits in a quandary. It’s a challenging situation, with limited access to donor and fundraiser information, and no ability to communicate directly with champions and advocates who create fundraisers on their behalf.

Watch our on-demand webinar as we introduce an exciting new way to coach and engage your fundraisers on Facebook. Boundless Fundraising™ Facebook Messenger leverages Facebook Messenger Bot and Artificial Intelligence technology to:

  • Deliver customized fundraising messages to each Facebook Fundraiser
  • Enable their fundraising and get an average 18% lift to your event’s revenue
  • Acquire emails for 8-10% of all fundraisers interacting with Facebook Messenger
  • Achieve a 30% increase in donations by engaged Facebook Messenger users
  • And have smart, targeted discussions based on data housed in your eCRM

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