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Making Corporate Connections

Attracting Sponsors and Driving Value in a Virtual World

With the pandemic forcing peer-to-peer fundraising events to go virtual, many nonprofits have found it challenging to recruit new corporate sponsors or demonstrate value via hard data to existing ones. But at the same time, the growing trend of corporate social responsibility has corporations more open to sponsorships. So how can nonprofits attract those like-minded corporate sponsors?

Listen in as Charity Dynamics’ Meghan Dankovich and Accelerist’s Brittany Hill discuss how nonprofits can best prove their value to corporations in what remains a largely virtual event world. They’ll look at ways to evaluate your donors to glean key demographic data that can help you match your mission to a corporation’s social responsibility goals.

They’ll also review several examples of how organizations are getting increasingly creative with technology to provide value to their sponsors — using announcement screens, app logo placement, push notifications, activity challenges, virtual booths, and more.

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Meghan Dankovich

VP, Customer Care & Strategy

Charity Dynamics

Brittany Hill

CEO and Founder