Dan O’Reilly

Assistant Controller


Like the gitchy bumper sticker you see around the souvenir shops, Dan wasn’t born in Texas but got here as quick as he could. Born in Colorado and raised in the Pacific Northwest, life brought him to Austin in 2015. Being able to paddle his outrigger canoe year round and sustainably recycle all his GORETEX clothing played a major role in the move to Central Texas.

What cause are you passionate about?
Understanding that waterways are the lifeblood of the earth, I’m passionate about keeping our creeks, rivers, and lakes pristine for all to be able to enjoy. I also love my Golden Retriever more than life itself and have been involved with the rescue where I adopted him from.

What was the first big thing you bought with your own money?
A 1986 Champagne Honda Accord hatchback with burgundy colored interior and flip top headlights

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?
Annual guys camping trip in the Willamette National Forest in Oregon is the favorite revolving vacation spot. Best vacation of my life was to Santiago and Chilean Patagonia for my honeymoon. Best of both worlds matching cosmopolitan restaurants, museums, city parks and then travelling south to icebergs, penguins, and literally being at the bottom of the world.

If you had a time machine, what would you do?
The Doctor Emmitt Brown in me would destroy it and not mess with the time space continuum. The Marty McFly in me would go back in time for music festivals (Woodstock, Live Aid, etc.) and try to stay away from any sports bookies or stock investments no matter how tempting. Would also take a pitstop in Portland, Oregon cicra 1990 and tell myself not to get too invested in the Portland Trailblazers…they’re nothing but heartache.

Have you ever won a contest?
I once was caller 10 to a radio show and answered the question correctly thinking that I won tickets to see Iron Maiden at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Turns out that was the grand prize and that I had won an entry into that raffle along with tickets to see Nickelback that I subsequently gave away.


Dan graduated with a degree in Accounting from Oregon State University and has been an active CPA since 2010. After 4 years in public accounting, he’s held Accounting Manager positions in smaller consulting firms specializing in Business Process Engineering and Heath/Safety/Environmental Auditing.  He moved to Texas and took a job as a Senior Accountant with YETI Coolers before joining Charity Dynamics as Assistant Controller in March 2010.