Josh Vincent

Senior UX & Visual Designer 


Josh is a repatriated Texas native who settled in Austin in 2014 after several years living in the Pacific Northwest. He shares a birthday with Jon Bon Jovi, Dr. Seuss, and Mikhail Gorbachev. When he isn’t chained to a computer, Josh can be found growing organic vegetables, making or listening to weird music, and exploring the wide world of craft beer. He and his wife, Lauren, are accompanied in their home by two cats and many, many plants.

What cause are you passionate about?
The environment is my #1 issue. When I worked in this area professionally, the focus tended toward environmental justice issues related to toxic pollution like pesticide drift, heavy metals, and air emissions from industrial operations. However, the area I’m most passionate about is wildlife and wilderness conservation, in particular that of old growth forests.

What was the first big thing you bought with your own money?
Rather than point to a single thing, I’ll just admit to having spent an irresponsible amount of money on musical equipment over the years. Even basic instruments aren’t exactly cheap, but it’s a whole different game once you start acquiring custom guitars and vintage amplifiers. 

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?
I love to go hiking and camping pretty much anywhere in the Pacific Coast Range. That entire region is my favorite spot. 

If you had a time machine, what would you do?
I’d go all the way back. 

What album did you wear out in high school?
Calculating Infinity by The Dillinger Escape Plan.  I’m sure I listened to it every day for at least a year or two.

Have you ever won a contest?
Once when I was a kid I dressed up as Santa Claus for Halloween and won the costume contest at our local grocery store.


Josh came to the Charity Dynamics UX team after a decade working with grassroots environmental non-profits. His prior roles as a campaigner, web manager, and communications director equipped Josh with a deep understanding of digital design standards as well as the critical impact user experience has on the success of online advocacy and fundraising efforts. In his time with Charity Dynamics, Josh has been the design lead on projects for many large organizations such as Sierra Club, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and others. He holds an art degree from the University of Oregon and has also maintained a freelance practice in graphic design and illustration for over 15 years.