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Seven NTC Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

by Casey Neese

The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) gets underway next week, and the team from Charity Dynamics will be there in Denver. In addition to the in-person sessions, there are a number of great sessions for those who choose to attend the conference virtually.

Our team has been eagerly looking over this year’s content offerings and has compiled this list of seven sessions not to miss!

1. Maintaining Organizational Culture in a Virtual Workplace (In Person)

If your organization has transitioned to a hybrid or all-virtual working model, these challenges may sound familiar:

  • How do we preserve our culture when we’re no longer in the same location?
  • How do we build collaborative teams with coworkers we’ve never met in person?

In this session, Casey Neese, Principal Consultant at Charity Dynamics, will be joined by two other nonprofit leaders to share a candid look at how three different organizations addressed these challenges. You will hear lessons learned and practical things you can try at your organization. This will be an interactive session, so come prepared to share your own challenges and solutions.

2. Bridging the Research-and-IT Gap to Support Innovation (In Person)

In 2022, YMCA of the USA’s Research and IT departments released a new innovative data collection platform.

In this session, attendees will hear about the two-year journey from two departments with an unhealthy relationship to two departments with the thriving relationship. Learn about how and why they developed shared processes, identified the sources of challenges and pivoted to a growth mindset.

3. How to Really Fire Up Your Board for Fundraising Success (In Person)

This interactive workshop will unpack the common fundraising challenges that plague many nonprofit boards and explore ways to build and maintain effective fundraising plans with volunteer leaders.

With a focus on partnership and empowerment, you will work together to identify an action plan that addresses your board’s biggest hurdles when it comes to fundraising. This interactive workshop will use visual aids, and includes self-coaching tools that can be repurposed by attendees with their boards.

4. Gain Buy-In for Your Programs, Plans and Proposals (In Person)

In this panel discussion, you will hear from Sean Staggs, Principal Consultant at Charity Dynamics, and two other nonprofit leaders about their approach to program planning, budgeting and tracking metrics that have led to proposals that gain buy-in and support from stakeholders throughout their organizations from boards and volunteer leaders to C-suite executives and staff.

5. Chats That Change Lives: Chatbots in Digital Programming (In Person)

Chatbots have been gaining popularity among nonprofits. Organizations of all sizes are using chatbots to serve more constituents, save time for their staff and raise awareness of their causes.

This session will focus on the difference between chatbots and AI, explore successful case studies of chatbots helping nonprofits connect with their constituents, and give practical tips on implementing a chatbot project in your nonprofit.

6. Digital Transformation Toolkit: Plan, Persuade, Transform (Virtual)

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of technology planning and making the case for technology investments. You will come away with worksheets, self-assessments, and templates.

7. Making Content People Can Find, Understand and Use (Virtual)

No matter what you write, it’s important to ensure information that you share is navigable, understandable, and useful for your audience.

This session will highlight key plain language strategies related to areas such as organization, information design, and wording and examine examples that showcase how plain language can apply to a variety of internal and external types of nonprofit communications.

We hope this list will help you get them most of your NTC 2023 experience. If you are attending NTC in person in Denver, please stop by our booth in the exhibit hall and say hello!
Charity Dynamics wishes you a wonderful time at NTC and hope to connect with you in Denver