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Our Digital Fundraising Predictions for 2023

by Charity Dynamics Consultants

‘Tis the season.

It’s the time of the year where we are wrapping gifts – and wrapping up our work for the year. The end of the year is the perfect time to wind down and reflect on all the success you’ve had, but it is always a smart thing to look ahead and see what’s coming up as the calendar page turns to a brand new number.
So, as we wrap up 2022, the Charity Dynamics consulting team has dusted off their crystal ball and offering their predictions for digital trends in 2023 and beyond.

Donor Centers

As recurring giving rises and credit card regulations around subscription-based models tighten, it will become more important than ever for nonprofit organizations to provide options for their donors to easily modify their contributions, update payment information and download tax receipts. Donor Centers offer nonprofits a self-service option, saving staff time and increasing donor satisfaction.

Charity Dynamics has taken Donor Centers to the next level for our clients with customizations that include ways to thank and recognize donors. We’ve added perks like downloadable impact reports, special offers from corporate partners and even customizable infographics that donors can share to proudly show their support. In 2023, we think we’ll see more of these one-stop hubs that not only make transactions easier but engage donors in a new and exciting way!

Jennifer Mylock

Principal Consultant, Digital Strategy & Customer Success

Subscription Model

The world has seen a huge spike in the availability of, and reliance on, subscription services. From home delivery services, streaming sites, socks, razors, and even premium features for automobiles, businesses know that a person’s lifetime value to the company increases when they can get someone into a subscription service with them.

In the nonprofit world, that translates to sustained giving, or recurring giving. My prediction is that the growing consumer acceptance & familiarity with the subscription model will lead to a continued increase in sustainer giving revenue by non-profits, as well as a more focused effort on this revenue stream by nonprofits.

Sean Staggs

Principal Consultant, Digital Strategy & Customer Success

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are here to stay, forever altering constituents’ expectations for peer-to-peer events and opening up new ways for participants to engage and fundraise with us. We have shifted to thinking about our dual audience (on-site and at-home), bringing a new creativity and a greater demand to fully plan for both the on-site and the at-home experience. With so many people participating off-site, we need to continue to evolve our thinking about journeys and event experiences to meet the needs of both groups. The goal should be to create a connected community amongst all of our participants, so everyone feels a part of our mission and success, regardless of how or where they participate.

In 2023, nonprofits will continue the journey of improving the hybrid event experience and finding new ways of creating a community that honors the experience of everyone. At Charity Dynamics, we’re asking the question, “How do I meet my supporters where they are, keep them engaged and offer a sense of community?” Whether you are using our Boundless Fundraising mobile app, considering our new community-building app, Engage, or are interested in strategic consulting, we’re here to help you place greater emphasis on community for all your participants. Contact us for a product demo or to strategize!

Holly Michaelson

Consulting Team Lead, Digital Strategy & Customer Success

The Power of AI

In the coming year, look for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to play an increasingly important role in helping nonprofits further their missions. As AI technology advances and becomes more accessible, nonprofits have an opportunity to harness the power of AI to do even more to increase fundraising revenue, improve efficiency and gain deeper insights about their supporters.

Casey Neese

Principal Consultant, Product

Onward to 2023

As we step out of the past and venture into the future, we hope these predictions can brighten up your 2023.

And with that thought, the Charity Dynamics consulting team wishes everyone of you the best for a successful year to come!

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Sue Dalos